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Our Practice Areas

Why are specialized areas of practice so important? It is because you must be confident that the attorney representing you or consulting with you has a background in, and specific knowledge of, your type of case and issue.
Eavenson Law navigates all civil litigation matters and provides exceptional Mediation services.
With Eavenson Law... Problem Solved

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation encompasses not just the representations made in Court but also all pre and post trial procedures. Attorney Trizia G. Eavenson's vast experience and passion as a trial lawyer tailors her client-focused and results-driven practice. Consulting with a knowledgeable and experience civil litigation attorney is crucial in determining your options. If you are considering filing a lawsuit against another party, allow Eavenson Law to help you navigate those treacherous waters. Eavenson Law is familiar with all the procedures, steps and necessary paperwork involved in civil litigation and is ready to advise you on your options. If you have been sued, contact Eavenson Law to discuss your defense strategy as well as any potential alternative dispute resolution methods.

Business Law and Commercial Litigation

Commercial disagreements are at times inevitable despite the parties' intention to avoid them. Eavenson Law employs an efficient, results-oriented approach to solving our clients' problems by working with clients early in each case to strategize and achieve winning solutions in line with the client's business goals and resources. Eavenson Law takes pride in effectively resolving problems to ensure our clients resume business.

Catastrophic Personal Injury

Eavenson Law is not shy of adversity and the firm does not give up. Catastrophic personal injury affects all aspects of a client's life as well as their family's lives. Trizia G. Eavenson treats her clients like members of her own family and Eavenson Law is committed to handling a limited caseload of catastrophic injury cases to safeguard our clients' benefit from exponentially increased amounts of time, resources, and energy invested. This approach has proven immensely effective and makes Eavenson Law the obvious choice for handling catastrophic personal injury cases with both compassion and strength.


Trizia G. Eavenson has been certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Circuit Civil Mediator. She is highly skilled in conflict resolution, collaborative methods and leadership development. Eavenson Law understands the stress and pressures of civil litigation and offers mediation for both general litigation matters, as well as niche market matters such as medical malpractice, wrongful death, wage and hour disputes, FLSA, eminent domain and many others. Trizia G. Eavenson is honored to assist parties in crafting their own resolutions on their own terms - a gift never provided by allowing a judge or jury decide your fate. Contact Eavenson Law for all of your mediation needs.

Commercial Litigation

Clients count on Eavenson Law when their company resources and reputations are at stake. Eavenson Law handles even the most complex financial structures, strategic transactions and business relationships. Eavenson Law brings innovation and a business-minded focus in providing cost-effective, efficient solutions that further our clients' business goals. The firm provides counsel on all types of business disputes, and have developed particular strengths in handling complex commercial litigation, financial services litigation, insurance coverage litigation, and securities litigation.

Products Liability

The world loves innovation and new technology, however, with an increase in products being rushed to market to be "first", it is reasonable to assume that more of those products may pose the risk of serious injuries. The U.S. Product and Safety Commission says that approximately 29.5 million injuries and 22,000 deaths can be directly traced to defective products. Eavenson Law believes that when companies choose profit and using people as guinea pigs, victims deserve to be compensated for their resulting medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Product liability laws may find all parties involved in the manufacturing, distribution and retail of a product accountable.